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Animal Control

If you require assistance with a found stray animal, please contact your local shelter. Animal cruelty investigations do not include barking dogs, noise compaints, or loose animals. If you have a concern with a loud animal, call your local police agency.  If you see a loose or an injured animal on the side of the road, call your local animal control.

Euthanasia Services

Losing your beloved companion is a painful experience, but we are here to help you through with compassionate care and support.



Ever wonder what happens to young animals that come in without a mother? We have foster families that help nurture them until they are ready for adoption.

Lost a Pet?

Four steps to finding your lost pet


Your volunteer time will help make our animals more comfortable, healthy and happy during their stay with us.

County License & Microchip

County License & Microchip

All dogs 4 months of age or older must be licensed as required by law. 

Field Trips for Shelter Dogs

Field Trips for Shelter Dogs

The Hawaii Island Humane Society allows visitors to "check out" a dog for the day from the Kona & Kea'au shelters.

Found a Lost Animal?

Losing a pet is a frightening and emotional time for both the owner and the lost pet. The Hawaii Island Humane Society helps both owners and those who have found a lost animal to reunite with their family. Searching for a lost pet with our online listing, calling our shelter or stopping in is the best way to locate a lost pet.

Spay & Neuter Information

At Hawaii Island Humane Society one of our goals is to eliminate pet overpopulation. We provide low-cost coupons to encourage all pet owners to spay or neuter their pets. Free Coupons are also available on the first of each month.