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They’re not asking for forever... just right now! 

Hawaii Island Humane Society is an open admission shelter, which means we never turn away an animal. We regularly rescue nursing moms with babies, kittens and puppies without mothers, injured, elderly and sick animals. These animals may need medical care or simply a lot of love until they are ready for adoption. If you love animals, being a foster parent is one of the most rewarding experiences out there!

The best part is we provide everything you need - from food, litter, crates, medical treatment and vet care. All you need to provide is your love and attention!

By fostering an animal you are providing rehabilitation in a nurturing home environment, directly preparing them for adoption into a forever home. Foster families also give us the ability to open up our kennels for even more animals in need. Only want to foster kittens? No problem! Can only foster in the summer months? We'd love to have you! Fostering can be for only a few days to a few weeks. Just let us know your preferences and we'll call you when the need arises.

The goal of Hawaii Island Humane Society’s Foster Program is to alleviate capacity pressure at the shelter level while also providing a safe, enriching, and temporary environment for Hawaii Island Humane Society animals where they can develop, recover, and thrive while awaiting adoption or transport.  Research has shown that fostering, including short-term fostering such as field trips and sleepovers, reduces stress and increases adoptability. Our foster caregivers are an integral part of our lifesaving and life changing programs and initiatives at Hawaii Island Humane Society.  Mahalo for your dedication to our animals!

To join our Foster Team:

1. Complete our online Foster application here. 

2. Complete and return our Foster Care Agreement (send via email to

Fourth of July Fostering Orientation

Adult Dog Foster Opportunities

Kitten Fostering

Have questions about fostering? Contact Lauren Nickerson, Community Programs Director, at or call 808-334-3361.