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Spay & Neuter Information

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Want to learn more? Download our informative Spay/Neuter brochure.

Pet owners may visit any shelter during business hours to purchase a coupon*.

Type Of Animal
Regular Discount S/N Coupon
Vet Average
Male Cat $30.00 $73.00
Female Cat $60.00 $108.00
Male Dog $70.00 $150.00
Female Dog $95.00 $180.00


FREE COUPONS! Available the 1st day of each month (unless the day falls on a Sunday or holiday). Can't make it on the first of the month? Give us a call or stop by - many times we still have coupons available throughout the month. We also have other free and low-cost options available - just give us a call!

**We are now distributing FREE spay neuter vouchers through the Ali'i Veterinary Hospital in Ocean View! Office hours are Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 8am-4pm. The vouchers are accepted once a month at the Ali'i Veterinary Hospital Ocean View location with the surgery performed through Hawaii Island Humane Society.**

Please call to schedule your appointment.

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BE AKAMAI - Spay or Neuter Puppies and Kittens

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* Limit: Two regular discounted spay/neuter certificates per household per year.
We provide pet owners with a list of participating veterinarians so they can make an appointment for the procedure. Present the spay/neuter coupon at the time of service and most if not all of the cost of a routine spay or neuter is covered. Some vets may require pre-appointments and/or testing, pain medications or antibiotics which are not covered by the coupon. Confirm any out-of-pocket expenses with the vet prior to time of procedure.