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Kona Shelter

Bring your canine friends out for some well-desrved exercise and fun! 


Kona Shelter's Bark Park


74-5225 Queen Kaahumanu Hwy. Kailua-Kona, HI 96725  MAP

Public Hours:
Tuesday: 9am - Noon
Thursday: 9am - Noon
Saturday: 9am - 5:30pm

Closed to the public for shelter programs during these hours: 

Wednesday: 8am - 11am for Junior Pals (June - July)
Monday: 9am - 12pm for New Leash on Life


 All HIHS Bark Parks are controlled and maintained by HIHS. They are the only public, off-leash dog parks on the island.


  Bark Park Kona 1          Bark Park Kona 2

  Bark Park Kona 3          Bark Park Kona 4


To ensure that owners and their pets have a great time while visiting Central Bark, there are a few rules all visitors must abide by.

  • Dogs and children must be accompanied by an adult. 

  • Maximum of 3 dogs per adult.

  • Aggressive, excessive mounters, in heat, or sick dogs are not allowed.

  • Dogs must be leashed when entering and exiting. 

  • Allow new dogs to enter without crowing.

  • Off leash dogs should be under voice control.

  • Owners must carry a leash and closely supervise their dog(s) and children.

  • Strollers, carriages, bicycles, and toys are not allowed.

  • Smoking, alcoholic beverages, food, or treats not allowed.

  • Equiptment for dogs only. Children cannot climb on equipment or play in water features.

  • Pick up and dispose of dog poop immediately.

  • Vaccinations and license should be current.

  • Please exit if your dog becomes unruly.

Entry into the Bark Park is at the risk of owners and handlers of dogs. Owners and handlers are responsible for the behavior of their dogs, and are soley liable for any damage to property, persons, or other animals caused by their dog(s).