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"Bootsie" by Connie Harris

"Makana" by Debra & Gary Fournier

"MobyMo" by Rosie Augustine

"Our Baby Kitty" by Mark Gordon & John McLean

"Pearly" by Taylor Hendricks

"Piper" by Patty Sauer

"Prince, Pepper, Spooky, Nick, Ilio, Kellev, Julius, Big Eddie. Koa Maluhia, Lil' Hissy & Munchkin" by Deborah Fried

Alika Bishop by Donna Bishop

Betsy & Chris Larson by Debbie Bird

Bridget Marshall by Cheryl Wood Eckhardt

Christie Chrysler by Shea Cochran

Christina Hassell by Constance Hassell

Courtney Mamede by Edie Johnson

Cynthia Loper by Eric Holdren

Deirdre Britt by Marnie Holden

Denis & Laka Campfield by Sandra Weinrich

Doug Herman by Agnes Brock

Elias Grimes by Amy Grimes

Emily Daltry by Nina Griggs

Jay Hanson by Dan Montgomery

Jean Ann Campbell by David Campbell

Jim Cuddihy by Joy Yoshina

Joy & Bill Heideman by Randy & Christina Skaggs

Joyce White by Shawn Raike

Julie Riff by Michael Wilson

Lauren Nickerson by Stacey Kinderknecht

Linda Ferguson by Christine Rippe

Makanui Gurung by Jeannette Gurung

Mandie Guerra by Maureen Bates

Mary K & Gary Rovelstad by Stuart Abbey

Mary Williams by Gina Vickrey

Michael Lombardo by Kelly Foglio

Mother Nature by David Melnikov

Norma Meyers by Mary Beust

Oliver & Emily by Stanley Perkins & Catherine Chow

Peanut & Tripod by Michael McGoldrick

Rick & Lynn Scully - Rosie by Gay Porter

Shani Dutton by Giselle Youngblood

Shirley Goldman by lotus golden

Sterling & Shiva by Joy Yoshina

Steve Brodie by Jayne Brodie

TJ McAniff by Roz Wright

Tom Vass by Christa Jodway & Annie Komanecky

Yohanna Bueno by Natalie Sardinia



"Amelia" by Katherine Bell

"Audrey, Blazer, Sal & Diego" by Lisa Atkinson

"Bailey MB" by Lyndsey Blackburn

"Bernadette" by Randy & Christina Skaggs

"Binky the cat" by Connie Bartlett

"Blue" by Dorothy Bowers

"Bobby the Bichon" by Patricia O'Malley

"Brody & Carolina" by Cherrie Carse

"Buddy" by Connie Harris

"Charlie" by Jerry Paxton

"Dani Bear" by Eve Stylianides

"Dayzee" Ackerman by Linda Bull

"Francis" by Alicia Brady

"Froderick" by Linda Hames

"Hanalei & Maui" by June Vallies

"Jewel" by Alysa Freeman

"Joey" by Margaret Kearns

"Kitty Boy Yoneda" by Kirk Francis

"Lily" by Lynn Scully

"Lola" by Kara Chappell

"Maka" by Samantha Macia

"Milo" by Dorothy Bowers

"Mochi" by Judi Motteler

"Molly & Jake" by Annette Murillo

"My Doxie Dogs” by Sherry Marsh

"Oscar" by Judith Nickel

"Petunia" by Linda Hussey

"Pio" by Rose Riley

"Precious Maggie" by Robert & Gena Harvey

"Rusty" by Mary Barthel

"Siri" by Rozann & George Grunig

"Snickers" by Susy Ruddle & Scott Dodd

"Spanky" by Gay Porter

"Spanky" by Lynn Scully

"Wolfie" Larson by Sue Blasman

Andrew Froehlich by Marilee DesLauriers

Anne Kulik by Steven Kulik

Audrey Heythaler by Blaine Neuburger

Beth Phelps by Pamela McKiddie

Daniel Craig Fitzhugh by Mary Quintal

Derek Hara by Rochell Har

Drew Froehlich by Edward Froehlich

Jerry & Mickey Taub by Regan and Shoshana Matsumura

Kevin Hunt by Nancy Kappes & Wayne & Linda Sterzenback

Larry Bonacorsi by Gina Vickrey

Laura Kalaukapu Low LucasThompson by Diana Veach

Lucas Buchman by Teresa Espinoza

Michael McCormick by Edwin & Sandra Coit

Michael Sisk by Sarah Roeske

Mom by Nancy Hopkins

Nell S. by Celeste Zwerenz

Norma B Myers by Nancy Hopkins

Norma Meyers by Mieko Iwamoto

Norma Myers by Myers Family & Gail/Chelli

Paris & Henry by Larry West

Patti Carr by Vincent Carr & Pamela Basco

Paul Pargett by Jean Jewell & Alan Silverman

Rita Cowell by Amy Hagen-Cowell

Sadie Agbayani by Suzanne Baron Helming